Sheri’ Taber is the CEO of The Peak Performance Group, Inc. Sheri’ is an international award-winning, business expert with the capacity to take a business and its leaders in the right direction and solve the toughest problems – every time.

Nearly three decades ago, a young woman’s “You Can Do Anything” creed declared a destination to inspire and lead others to pursue excellence and greatness. It has grown into a life-long crusade as she has empowered leaders and businesses to win greatly and mentored dedicated professionals to exceed their own expectations. As the leader of a certified minority, fully woman-owned business holding memberships and certifications in some of the most prestigious organizations, Sherí has received recognition and a long list of awards for her work, community and philanthropic contributions.

Sherí began speaking at 21 to audiences of hundreds on the topic of self-employment and business success. Surprised herself by the energy and the power she had to convey complex principles and motivate a crowd of executives to action, Sheri’ learned early that she had a special gift that could (and has) impacted thousands of careers and businesses.

Sherí is a leading expert on the development and implementation of disruptive strategy. She has been awarded numerous businesswoman of the year awards, was recently featured in two business books, awarded an international businesswoman of the year award and a national enterprising woman award.

Sherí’s lifelong passion, naturally inspiring style and consistent results keep her in demand as an advisor to successful CEOs, boards of directors and startups. She is a veteran main stage presenter, a panelist expert and workshop speaker. Sherí is frequently sought for her ability to powerfully and compassionately convey concepts that break through legacy ceilings and barriers resulting in epic advancements and goal achievements.

Sherí is a native of Tampa, Florida where she raised three beautiful children. She volunteers her time to educate and mentor business owners and leaders to achieve greatness, next-level business and personal bests. Sheri’ is a past Board President for PACE Center for Girls and she supports fundraising for multiple non-profits empowering and rehabilitating disadvantaged women and children. Her company hosts “Glitz, Glam & Fashion!” a fundraiser, donating 100% of the profits to qualifying organizations.