F ail-proof Plans for Business? Doretta is right. You have to stand out in the crowd – you have to know “how” you compete – what is your competitive advantage? From there you have to have a clear message each client segment can hear. But, can you fail-proof your business?

There are so many great opportunities in down markets. Businesses that want to compete must have the framework in place to achieve sustainable growth. 98% of business is a science. There really is little guess work; however, a whole lot of innovation and spot on alignment and execution against a strategic plan is required to achieve sustainable growth. Planning is critical. Knowing how to plan often requires expert help.

The investment to contract an expert is far less than what you are losing daily, weekly, monthly and annually when your plan is off the mark or leaves out critical observations, opportunities, threats and strengths you are not leveraging well today. The ROI can be in the 4, 5 and 6 digits depending on your business. A competent consultant will not take your business if you can’t gain significantly from their support and advising.

Today’s business climate is unlike any we’ve ever seen… I estimate it will continue to evolve in ways we’ve never experienced. You are an expert at your trade, widget or service – are you a business expert too? Here are some tips to Building a Sustainable Growth Business