Does your organization have a strategic plan? When asking this question, I almost have be able to read body language to interpret the real meaning behind the head nod. You’d be surprised what “Yes” from some really means!


My next questions typically go like this:
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  • “Were you satisfied with the planning process… the resulting plan?”
  • “Does every person in your organization use a “dashboard” to direct their deadline driven activities?”
  • “Does your strategy plan guide every major decision at every level within your organization?”
  • “If you polled 5 managers and 5 employees within your organization, would they know what strategy is?
  • “Would they be able to tell you in 3 to 5 bullets what your strategic objectives are?”


The good news is if the answer to any of these questions is, “No,” opportunity exists to increase performance efficiencies, your margins and your shareholders’ satisfaction!

Interestingly, the profits and opportunities for growth you aren’t capturing likely exceed in multiples the investment in an expert who can help you capture them.

The global leaders who have studied and shaped strategy have found there are four major disconnects between strategy development and strategy implementation. As powerful and innovative as an organization’s strategy might be, the disconnect can almost always be found at the feet of management.

Traditionally, implementation fails because organizations aren’t effectively:
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  • Establishing and communicating strategy and implementation directions from top to bottom
  • Allocating resources to their VIP strategic objectives
  • Defining departmental, team and individual goals and directions
  • Providing regular feedback to maintain timely outcomes


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