Common Client Outcomes

  • Revenue increases of 130 – 1100%+ in small to midsize companies
  • “After one session, I realized I was sitting on a goldmine. The next meetings taught me how to tap it.”
  • Capitalize and capture latent revenue opportunities through the development of online and offline businesses and revenue streams
  • Impressive profit margin increases
  • Quantifiable achievement of key objectives and overall organizational effectiveness toward strategic objectives
  • Excellence and legacy attained through empowered leadership – strategic road maps catalyzed (personal and organizational) growth and opportunity engagement
  • Change initiatives refocused and realigned executive team resulting in double digit growth
    Increased leadership effectiveness and quantifiable impact against objectives
  • Clients experience breakthrough solutions and overcome legacy operational and organizational hurdles after short strategy sessions
  • Improved operational efficiencies and overall performance
  • Rapid, scalable and sustainable growth after development and implementation of innovative growth strategy
  • High performing talent acquisition and retention initiatives resulting in increased margins
  • Significantly increased book of business for service companies without increasing overhead, without mergers or acquisitions
  • Increase in effectiveness and bottom line profitability after development and implementation of effective selection and promotional processes
  • Strategy alignment and development of an “execution” style culture – everyone learned strategy execution is ​the​ core of their responsibility
  • Developed and implemented strategies to revitalize maturing revenue streams, products and services, while developing innovative and new revenue
    streams to replace maturing businesses – insuring sustainable near and longer-term growth
  • Impressive profit improvements (oftentimes without increasing expenses)
  • Increased sales, client size and long-term client retention through training and implementation of our sales strategies and skill sets
  • Increases in individual and team closing ratios
  • Disruptive business models that transformed competitive landscape and opened new markets for start-up service company
  • Reinvigorated and re-engaged leadership teams
  • Improved internal and external Customer Service
  • Our sales scripts and sales approach consistently and sustainably increase sales and retention – oftentimes by more than 400%
  • Significantly reduced costs
  • Transfer of business intelligence and skill sets in real time for years of measurable returns
  • Improved resourcing and efficiencies
  • Rapid and long-term sustainable growth

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