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7 Steps Drastically Improve Year End Goal Achievement

Podcast Version These seven steps will increase impact and goal achievement more significantly than any one practice you can initiate this Monday morning! Whether you are a solo-preneur or a leader of large a organization, you and your leaders should adopt this practice now. If you are a solo-preneur, create this habit for [...]

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Increase Your Organization’s Success in 90 Days

Only 25% of managers have incentives lined to strategy Only 21% have their personal goals linked to strategy Is there conviction and strong motivation throughout your organization to act upon and achieve your strategy? If your answer was less than a strong "YES!" the answer to the problem lies in these stats. Strategy is everyone’s [...]

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Small Businesses Missing Out on Tax Breaks

More and more small companies aren't taking advantage of confusing and costly tax breaks. Small companies may be missing out on tax deductions because of the cumbersome, confusing, and costly process of actually obtaining the benefits, The Wall Street Journal reported today. read more... Jillian d'Onfro Inc.com

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7 Reasons Your Competition is Winning

70% of CEO failures came not as a result of poor strategy, but the inability to execute. Why is strategy execution so challenging for most organizations? Strategy experts believe the answer lies within four distinct barriers that result when your strategy is not fully and effectively developed, then translated and properly communicated throughout your organization. [...]

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Six Steps to Improve Strategy Implementation

As you’ll recall in my last post, I shared the four ways management (unwittingly) sabotages strategy implementation. These four major barriers can be succinctly classified in the following way: Vision Barrier Only 5% of your workforce understands the strategy People Barrier Only 25% of your managers have incentives linked to strategy Management Barrier 85% of [...]

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Four Reasons Strategy Fails

Does your organization have a strategic plan? When asking this question, I almost have be able to read body language to interpret the real meaning behind the head nod. You’d be surprised what “Yes” from some really means!   My next questions typically go like this: [custom_list style="list-1"] “Were you satisfied with the planning process... [...]

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Sales Training a Must to Reach Best in Class

Sales Training a Must to Reach Best in Class Results from a recent Aberdeen study reconfirms that Sales Training is a "must-have" for companies wanting to out grow the competition. Of those companies surveyed, those that were not keeping up with the competition considered sales training a "luxury."   Best-in-Class firms utilized sales training to [...]

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Will Your Strategy Double Your Financial Performance?

Strategy & Execution Assessment

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3 Success Factors Create Growth in 2012

3 Success Factors Create Growth in 2012 A recent study of over 800 small to mid-size business owners revealed three success factors to create success: Vision Only 42% of businesses had a written description of the desired future of their business. These businesses grew 50% faster in 2011, were more optimistic about the future, and [...]

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Taking the Fear out of Risk

Taking the Fear out of Risk 5 Powerful Steps to Evaluate Risk By Sheri Taber   Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly. -Robert F. Kennedy Risk poses a powerful threat for the faint of heart, yet is ever present in the quest for great success. For many, risk so quickly [...]

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