9 Things Leaders Must Stop Doing

If You Want to Lead a Growth Company

Why do businesses fail to achieve breakthrough performance?  Because they make things too complex.  From the top down, everyone’s day is cluttered with tasks that don’t impact the organization’s strategy and goals.

Organizations that leverage a “Stop Doing List” accelerate achievement, create breakthrough opportunities and increase shareholder value.  The Stop Doing List creates time and space to execute to goal aligned activities.

The Stop Doing List is also a vital component of your strategic plan. If your company doesn’t currently have a formal strategic plan in place – get it done – it is never too late or too early to get it done.

As the leader of your company, it is your job to spearhead the effective development of goal-aligned strategy and be the leading proponent of its execution and achievement.  It is your responsibility to set standards, culture, ethics and to control how your company behaves.

Another very important aspect of strategic planning is the identification of the organization’s Vital Few Objectives (VFOs).  These objectives clarify and direct the organization’s activity.  They bring with them priorities and responsibilities.  In order to attend successfully to the VFOs, leaders must develop, align and cascade Stop Doing List activities all the way down to the line people.

If you want to become a better leader, if you want to spend more time focusing on what matters, when it matters and if you are serious about creating a sustainable growth company, you’ll need to “STOP DOING” nine very specific things.

Sheri’ Taber’s “9 Things Leaders Must Stop Doing, If You Want To Lead A Growth Company” introduces “The Stop Doing List,” a powerful best practice principle and critically important step in the development and execution of successful strategy.  She’ll teach you Stop Doing Strategies that will catapult your company to successive next level bests!

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