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These seven steps will increase impact and goal achievement more significantly than any one practice you can initiate this Monday morning!

Whether you are a solo-preneur or a leader of large a organization, you and your leaders should adopt this practice now. If you are a solo-preneur, create this habit for yourself and increase outcomes by hiring a mentor, advisor or accountability person.

Following this simple agenda driven process with your direct reports on Monday and Friday mornings will result in measurable performance improvements.  Coaching each person to align their action plans to your organizational and departmental strategy will have you on the VIP list at the end of this quarter.

If you are the CEO or owner, you’ll be celebrating the rewards of a performance focused and driven organization. It is amazing how this simple habit can have such potent returns.

Translate the following steps into an agenda so that your direct reports can come to the call or live meeting prepared on Monday and Friday mornings.

Your Monday morning meeting involves each team member coming to the call prepared  for conversation and feedback on each of the following four items:

  • what they are working on this week (specific action items)
  • what their concrete goals are as a result of what they are working on
  • what obstacles/challenges they think they could encounter
  • ideas on how to avoid the challenges or avert them altogether
Their answers to these questions will provide powerful coaching and learning opportunities for the group.  Don’t bore or frustrate your high-performers with basic coaching needs of lower performing team mates.  Use what you are learning about each player to work with them independently, as needed, to challenge them or to remediate their performance.

Your Friday morning meeting is a review and feedback meeting that covers these three steps:

  • what they achieved
  • what they need to do to finish any unfinished business
  • what they didn’t anticipate encountering and what you they learned from it

Prior to Monday’s meeting, each person will spend about 15 – 30 minutes planning their action plan for the upcoming week and will be prepared for their Monday morning meeting.

Once your team begins to get comfortable with this, you can send out a one-page template that each person can provide advance summary feedback for what they will share in the meeting. This will ultimately shorten your meetings, provide for higher-levels of personal preparedness and yield even higher outcomes toward their goals.

Each call or meeting should take less than an hour, and over time, they will decrease in length. Be certain to have a clear and concise Agenda to which everyone is privy. Encourage your team to hold one another accountable through out the week and especially in these team meetings.

Following this practice will reduce random calls throughout the week, which easily get off focus, taking valuable time you need to complete your action plan and stay on course.

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