Is There a Fail-Proof Plan for Business?

F ail-proof Plans for Business? Doretta is right. You have to stand out in the crowd - you have to know "how" you compete - what is your competitive advantage? From there you have to have a clear message each client segment can hear. But, can you fail-proof your business? There are so many great [...]

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42 Different Content Marketing Tactics My Social Media Expert Uses!

Content Marketing Playbook Elizabeth Boyle, Social Media Guru, creative marketing maven and CEO of Reuni, LLC has been managing my social media strategy for nearly six months. I came across the information below and wanted to share it with you for two reasons: You need to know it and you need to employ it! If [...]

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Networking C.R.I.S.I.S.

Networking C.R.I.S.I.S. More Clients. Revenue. Influence. Sales. Impact. Success. It is estimated that networking can yield 80% more results than cold calling. Networking can also increase your chances of landing a job by more than 70%. Whether you own a business, have a job or are looking for one, you should be networking. Some common [...]

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Building a Sustainable Business

Building a Sustainable Business Is your business strategically positioned to harness opportunities and thwart looming threats presented by approaching horizons? Most business owners are so busy trying to manage the day-to-day that they fail to plan for the future. It’s no wonder 80% of businesses fail before their fifth anniversary and 80% of the survivors [...]

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Sheri’ Taber In the News

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